Get Lasting Relief With TMJ Treatment in Hoboken

Each time you use your mouth to eat, chew, or talk, you are using one of the most important joints in your body: the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Unfortunately, when that area is out of alignment, becomes injured, or is inflamed due to teeth grinding, it won’t function comfortably. That’s when you need TMJ treatment in Hoboken. We’ll help you:

  • Eat food without pain or uncomfortable popping sounds
  • Prevent damaging your teeth from grinding habits
  • Allow your TMJ to heal and regain normal function
  • Improve your oral health in the long term

Get help with your TMJ pain by calling 201-992-8600 for an appointment.

Relieve Tension in Your Jaw by Treating Your TMJ Disorder

You may be surprised to learn that 11 to 12 million adults in the United States deal with pain in their TMJ. There are a variety of causes for this problem, which we take into consideration when treating you. One of the ways we help our patients find relief with their TMJ pain is with a custom-fit mouthguard. It will:

  • Act as a barrier to help you avoid grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw
  • Comfortably fit in your mouth unlike anything store-bought
  • Stop many of the uncomfortable symptoms of a TMJ disorder, including jaw pain and headaches

We’ll also address damage to your smile with our restorative care treatments. In addition, if you have alignment issues, you may benefit from Invisalign orthodontics. It will straighten your teeth and correct your bite in far less time than traditional braces.

Learn the Signs of a TMJ Disorder

Jaw pain is only one symptom for you to look for if you have TMJ dysfunction. You may also notice other signs such as:

  • Clicking or popping sounds when you bite or chew
  • Headaches or earaches
  • Pain around your neck and shoulders
  • Difficulty chewing or opening your mouth wide
  • Tooth sensitivity due to grinding habits

If any of these symptoms are familiar, call 201-992-8600 for TMJ treatment in Hoboken. You can also schedule online.