Fall is full of exciting school sports. However, if you or your child play contact sports, you are put at high risk for dental injuries like knocked-out, broken, or displaced teeth if your mouth is unprotected. Save your smile this season with a custom athletic mouthguard made just for you. 

They will povide the best fit and protection because they are molded specifically to your teeth. Here are some advantages:

  • Superior Comfort and Fit: Unlike generic store-bought versions, a custom mouthguard won’t slip or hinder breathing or talking. It feels natural in your mouth, allowing you to focus on playing your best game. 
  • Optimal Shock Absorption: The personalized shape and fitted materials of a custom mouthguard cushion impact to teeth much better than other options. This greatly reduces the risk of injuries when high-impact collisions occur on the field.
  • Stays Securely in Place: A mouthguard that shifts around can’t fully protect your teeth. A custom option stays firmly anchored over your teeth thanks to accurate impressions of your bite, preventing dislodging. This keeps your teeth fully covered through all the game action. 

These are only a few of the amazing benefits you or your child can expect! Call Strong Roots Dental today at 551-244-6422 for an appointment in Jersey City and 201-992-8600 to visit our Hoboken office. You can also request an appointment online.

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